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What does your name mean?

Botánicas are shops for herbs and religious goods founded by and for Afro-latinx communities in the US. They serve as sanctuaries, oracles, and cultural keepers.

Cimarrónes were enslaved Africans and Arawaks of the Spanish colonial empire who freed themselves to establish sovereign communities in the mountains of Abya Yala.

What are the benefits of taking elixirs?

Don’t let the small size fool you. These elixirs are packed with powerful phytochemicals. The dropper bottles are easy to travel around with, and hence incorporate into your daily life. Store your bottle out of reach from direct sunlight and it will remain shelf stable for many years to come [ that is if it lasts that long ;)].

What are elixirs?

Our elixirs are a combination of herbal remedies, flower essences, and cosmic energies. 

How do I take my elixir?

Take your drops as needed. The maximum dosage for all elixirs is 1 dropperful up to 3 times daily. You can ingest directly via mouth, or place the drops in your drink of choice. 


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