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This past winter I enlisted the magic of a few special people to help bring a vision to life. So keep on reading if you're ready to hear an epic love story for the ages. Spoiler alert! It’s earth, you, and me ~ all free. 


Seeking to escape the drudgery of modern life in late stage capitalism, we entered a magic forest. Here among tree and stone people we were connected again to the ecstasy of life that was never lost, only hidden. Everywhere they warned the end of the world was coming, but we knew that their end was only our beginning. With bare feet kissing the earth in prayer, we opened our hearts to listen…



We thought we were alone. The last of the humans who could connect with the ancient ways. But as we walked faithfully, more helpers of all kinds began to appear. Tree dwelling ancestors, star guides from other galaxies, future ancestors living beneath the sea, rebel angels, language keepers, punk house cooks, fairy elders, disco transcestors, street medics, farmers, coders, and other builders of the new world. We found a love so divine and so true deep within our soul. We felt how true freedom reigns within the higher states of love that oozed out of each one of our pores…



Freaks of nature they called us. Our identities weren’t separate from our places of belonging and our spirits would not be captured by the neo-colonial state. We listened more to the wisdom of the mushroom people than the twisted lies of humans who would crucify our magic if given the chance. No masters. No slaves. No prisons. No dams. No presidents. No borders. No drilling. No empire. No more of that old and tired song…



We celebrated and mourned and created anew. Together we found the force that shaped mountains and fueled the stars by simply sharing our gifts. Why had we been fighting so hard against ourselves? Pushing our bodies to meet the demands of rigid mechanized time? Resisting the path of joy directing us towards destiny? We reawaked to the truth that we were never alone. The helpers were always here. Together we crafted blueprints for earth sanctuaries. Sacred sites for birthing, dying, and crossing. Plates of food filled with every color of the rainbow. Freedom schools built on the ruins of cages built for incarceration. Blueprints for everyone to have their needs met in harmony with the web of creation…



We left the forest with hearts fortified knowing how to remember. Allowing the medicine of love and spirit to guide our steps forward…


Infinite gratitude and credits to the magical team:

Modeling by Megan Renee Williams, Mary Senyonga, and Mixchel Payan

Photography by Kearra Amaya Gopee

Styling and set design by Nube Cruz

Creative direction by me, Star Feliz



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